Super flexible materials «Delap» for facades, socle, columns, interior decoration

Flexible stone Delap
Delap Flexible Stone LLC — General Exclusive Distributor in the United States and North America. Flexible stone is a high quality siding material with an aesthetic appearance, which can be applied on any façade, such as balconies, garages, columns, fireplaces, and restaurants, corresponding trends of the contemporary design.

Delap flexible stone's structure

What is a flexible stone?

Marble chips

Natural marble chips from Italy with fraction 2–3 mm.

An acrylic resin

A binding material, provides the flexibility and allows to bent on any angles.

Types of Delap materials

Flexible stone

Flexible Stone — facade material, which has a texture similar to the texture of natural raw stone. The material used to create the illusion of antiquity, as well as for facades, columns and reservoirs.

Flexible tile

Flexible tile — a material that has a texture similar to the texture of natural raw stone. This material is commonly used for decorative wall treatment.

Flexible bricks

This material is commonly used for facade walls of buildings, houses, garages, columns, walls inside, hotels, restaurants etc.

Interesting facts about Delap flexible stone

  • Any wall

    Easily glued to the DSP, OSB, lumber, logs, boards, aerated concrete, penoplex, plaster, plasterboard, insulation...

  • Installation 108 square feet per hour

    Medium-sized house
    150-200 m2 (1614,58-2152,77sq.ft.)
    can be glued over in a week by a team of three people.

  • One box is 43 sq. ft. (weight only 40 lb.)

    Without special equipment or accessorizes.

  • Any angle

    The material is easy to cut with scissors and bent at any angle.

Quick and fast installation of Delap Flexible Stone

Advantages of finishing materials Delap flexible stone

Reduced energy costs

Now there is no need to involve specialists for hard work with natural stone, transport heavy construction materials and waste a lot of time and money — ¨Delap¨ offers a flexible stone by which the facade of your house will get the desired look.

Ease of use

Flexible tile and flexible stone easy to use: they can installed at any height on the straight and curved surfaces without assistance.

Advantages of finishing materials Delap

Advantages of finishing materials Delap


Many light up the idea of making interior decoration in the style of the house exterior. Use material Delap in this case is the perfect embodiment of all manner of design ideas.


Finishing materials, companies Delap will create an individual look of your home bright, stylish, and modern.