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Flexible stone

flexible stone

Natural stone: new vision

Natural stone: new vision

There is nothing more beautiful than that created by nature. Natural stone that offers to buy the company Delap, created in nature and is ideal for use in the construction of its technical and design features. Often it becomes natural stone finishing touches to the picture of the house interior or appearance of the building. This material can be called perpetual as it is resistant to extremes of moisture and temperature, impact and abrasion resistant.

The main application is the stone decoration of the facade of any building. Natural stone can be used for walls inside the premises, with fireplaces and interior design elements. This material is good in landscape design when laying garden paths, small alpine slides, waterfalls and many other elements.

Facing front of the building and its foundation, basement, walls give objects originality in style and incomparable than beauty. Opens great opportunities and the availability of a wide range of colors. In the presence of a wild natural stone dozen different colors. Some of them in our climate zone in nature cannot be found. The company «Delap» offers a variety of options: from coral color to the stone in the antique style.

Natural stone of Delap is bright and light stone in the world.