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Flexible stone

flexible stone

How did stone become Flexible?

How did stone become Flexible?

It sounds crazy for a stone to be flexible. But Delap has actually set up the production and supply of the Flexible Stone in the USA. The Stone consists of marble chips and acryl. It is a mere 4 mm in width and is available in three structures: Flexible Tile, Flexible Brick, and Flexible Stone.

The Flexible Stone fully imitates natural stone and brickwork. It can be laid on any façade.

The Stone is unique because of its elasticity and lightness: it weighs only 4 kg per 1 sq. m. It can be installed on any surface, pillar or square corner. The Stone can also be cut with scissors. With this Stone, there is no more need to rack your brains about how to even out a surface, or to spend your last savings on installation work. It's simple to carry out an installation with the Delap Flexible Stone, which will take on the shape of any uneven surface and will smooth it out.

Its story goes back to 1995, when a factory owner decided to build a house using an American technique, using the lightest and the most natural materials. However, at the time he was faced with a quite meager offer on the market: natural stones, clinker brick, and paint. Stones and blocks were heavy and monotonous, and he did not want to simply paint the house. At the time his work included supplying and selling marble chips from different countries. And then he had a great idea! Why not create an imitation of natural stone using chips? Thanks to the various qualities of chips, by refining them and adding elastic resin, he was able to create a natural looking, lightweight and beautiful Flexible Stone. After several tests, the Stone proved a success and was used to decorate his home. It did not take long for the Stone to become a sensation. Just a few weeks later, all the homeowners at the villa community wished to use his Stone to decorate their homes.