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Flexible stone

flexible stone

About Delap

Delap Flexible Stone LLC — is a general exclusive distributor in the United States and North America.

The main products Delap are the flexible stone and flexible tile which consisting of the natural marble chips and an acrylic resin.Marble is the second most durable mineral, after the diamond. Acrylic resin is used in the construction of yachts and the aircraft parts.

Flexible stone — is a high quality material with an aesthetic appearance, which is can be laid on any façade, such as balconies, garages, columns, fireplaces and restaurants with at least 30 years of service life andpractically maintenance-free. Their colors do not lose their radiance.

How the Flexible Stone and Flexible Tile are Made?

These types of stone are made only of the natural marble chips. The size of marble’s fraction is 1- 3 mm (0,16 in). All the colors are INHERENT and not painted. It depends on the field, depth career, impurities of the earth. An acrylic dispersion gives a flexibility to the stone. Our unique and variegated pattern has come into existence after mixing several colors of marble chips and acrylic dispersion.

What are the advantages of Delap Flexible Tile and Stone?

  1. The main advantage of the tile is its elasticity and lightness.
  2. Flexible stone tiles can be laid on any uneven surface. This significantly reduces pre-installation work and the budget.
  3. Lighter poundage. Stone’s weight is only 8,81 lb./per 10 sq. ft.
  4. The thickness of the stone is 4 mm (0,16 in).
  5. The stone can be cut with scissors. Now you do not need to use special equipment.
  6. The stone has a special protective paper. The protective paper serves as a protection against dirt, dust and other damage while the installation’s process.
  7. The Flexible Tile is resistant to atmospheric precipitate.
  8. Tile is stable to UV-light. So the color does not get burn in the sun.
  9. The stone does not require grouting.
  10. A small adhesive consumption — 5 lb./ per 10 sq. ft.
  11. Simple and fast to carry out an installation with the Delap Flexible Stone, which will take on the shape of any uneven surface and will smooth it out